What is a Digital World?


Hi and welcome to the first episode of the DIWOTE podcast.

The digital world is a concept not defined by any dictionary. It is a colloquial term, that we can define as the virtual world created by and for data and the technology that allows this virtual world to be spanned, that we humans interact with as part of our world.

Digital stands for systems that are electric and use 1s and 0s to store and transmit data.(Christensson, 2006). World is an abstract term to describe a set of features that comprise an entity larger than the sum of its elements.

In education the digital world plays a great role. Parents and businesses, digital expectants, want their future workers to be competent in digital technologies (Howell, 2012 pp.59). Politicians therefore put policies in place to ensure this happens (Department of Education and Training, n.D.), which manifest themselves in curricula. Because the digital world is all pervasive, it finds its way into every subject. Each though taking their own approach in how to integrate it into their curriculum.

Mobile devices have accelerated the spread of the digital world, and are great asset to teachers (Oakley, Pegrum, Faulkner, & Striepe, 2012).

When we talk about the technologies involved in the digital world, we talk of ICT:=Information and Communication Technology. This shows how important not only information is, but communication being of equal value. This is both the communication of devices on computer networks, such as the internet. As well as the inter-human communication.

For teachers information is the resource worked with in the digital world. With it we create artefacts that not only fulfil learning outcomes, but that help students feel accomplished.

The digital world also enables teachers and parents to communicate on a level never seen before. From instant communication of issues with charges, to constant updates on learning progress (Wing, n. D.).


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